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Last Updated... August 7, 2014

It's been a few years since this main page has been updated...well, what can I say, things have been busy. New projects, new construction, and more importantly, no internet...until now. While the site won't see much in the way of dramatic updates any time soon, I encourage you to check out the freshest update over at the Radarange Central section.

Sorry for the old content's literally 5 years old.

The Quick Pic:
A little tornadic activity
came our way this Memorial Day weekend. Snapped these electrical poles down the road from the lodge clean-off; only the wires are keeping them up. Our thoughts are with the folks of Parkersburg & New Hartford during this difficult time.


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Maybe it's your first time here, or you've been in a Turkish prison for the past 2 years, in either case, let me fill you in. I originally created the Eldocountry website some years ago as a photo journal of the restoration of a '76 Eldorado, as well as a picture site of my various hobbies, including (but not limited to) vintage television, 80's computing, Cadillacs, and whatever else lit my pilot. Along the way I found passion in mid-century architecture and developed a deep appreciation for industrial design from that era. Now here I am some years later as a college grad, fending in the corporate world, with little time on my hands and a burning desire to create.

Interestingly enough, I've been putting that little time to "good" use the past couple years in realizing my plans for an MCM-inspired dwelling affectionately known as "the lodge", as well as other sketches on the books just waiting to be built as long as the passion, and pocketbook, endure.

Of course, this means that until construction is complete and the collections get a proper display you'll just have to put up with the old content to the right. Until then, I'll do my best to throw out a random pic or thought here on the homepage as time permits, as I transition from the old Eldo-centric site to the eclectic RADAR58.

(Note: Since I don't have my act together in presenting "the lodge" in some sort of rational form, I'll have to rely on this photo-blog..."New Year's" lodge construction.)

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